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Greetings! I'm Jessica and it is so wonderful to meet you!

I specialize in creating stunning works of art that evoke raw emotions and genuine connections of your special day.

Live wedding painting becomes a focal point of entertainment, sparking lively conversations and intrigue among guests as they witness your beautiful work of art evolve throughout the evening.

Please check out my Specials page for fabulous savings. 

Yes! I also do work from photos. Loved ones, pets, etc.

Please fill out my contact form and I can give you a quote.

I am also proud to present live guest fashion portraits. They are a fabulous way for your guests to take home their very own keepsake that they will cherish.

Live wedding painting

Evoke Artworx

Evoke Artworx

Live Wedding Painting

Step into my world where love and art intertwine

Let's create a keepsake that evokes the memories of your special day

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