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Evoke Artworx is owned by Jessica Good.
She was born and raised in Northern Indiana. She moved to Greenville, South Carolina in early 2021.
She previously sold her work by participating in art fairs and festivals gaining a bit of a following. She no longer travels and her work is available
at the
Westside Market in Greenville and at the Online Store.
She taught social event classes for over 10 years and is now available for Live Wedding Paintings, Guest Portraits as well as Fine Art Commissions.

"A perfectly timed scenic view that captures your soul is a fleeting moment of life and has inspired my paintings. 
I have painted with acrylics for over 25 years. My work has evolved to landscapes “turned up a few notches” that grab the viewer's attention with high pigment paint, metallic and iridescent accents on a complementary color palette.
If you happen to attend a viewing and see my paintings in person, take your time and view at different angles. My original paintings dance in the light.
I always print my reproductions on metallic paper to further enhance the colors and detail. "

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